Precision in every project,customization in every cabinet.

Truly, every detail is noted. There is no room for error with Karl and Charmaine’s approach. If quality and longevity are your aims, you have their commitment.

All about our cabinets

Every piece is built to order

Utility, storage, ergonomics, and flow are prime factors. Pros and cons are discussed at length when ideas are presented unique to a space. Often clients will inquire about a feature to incorporate into the design. Brainstorming with Karl and Charmaine explores placement and durability of all possibilities. Clients are educated throughout the building process so that the end result feels like the best fit.

Our lifetime warranty

“Do you want it done right? Our family depends on it!”- is the premise behind having a life time warranty. The reputation is taking no short cuts, and using the best materials. Most importantly it is the owners designing and installing the build. There are no better assurances! Karl and Charmaine believe they have the system of build to last a lifetime.


The goodcut corners!

Karl’s furniture making trade centers upon the strongest build. For drawers, it is solid wood dovetail construction. Placement of the drawer slides ensure the contraction and expansion of the wood is accommodated, particularly with the change of seasons and humidity levels.


It's the details that count

With Quest Kitchens being a small company producing high standards, there is no room for error. Karl and Charmaine’s acute attention to detail and correct build measures, lends to a precise build. A Quest Kitchen certainly upgrades the market value of a home.


Solid, back to front to back

Three items to look for while “shopping” for a cabinet company: heavy duty drawer slides, ensure the backs of the cabinets are the same thickness as the sides, and both the frame and centre panel of doors / drawer fronts are solid wood. These are strength factors.


Hard working hardware

Longevity stems from our finishes with vinyl sealants for stains to the catalyst used in the lacquer paints. The construction of the cabinetry carries load properly and the installation is guided by Karl’s meticulous nature. Drawer slides, steel shelf pins, zero protrusion hinges, handles / knobs encompasses durability.

Custom doesn't imply expense,but it should mean a precise buildfor your space.

From start to finish, we'll make your dream kitchen come true. Quality is our signature.

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